How can Cameroon lose its citizenship?

There are three main ways someone can loss or forfeit a Cameroonian nationality: acquisition of a foreign nationality, voluntary renunciation and by government decree. An individual residing in Cameroon who willingly acquires the citizenship of another state automatically loses the Cameroon nationality.

How can Cameroon citizenship be lost?

A foreigner who has acquired Cameroon nationality may forfeit it by decree: a) If he has been convicted of an act defined as a criminal act or an offence against the internal or external security of the State; b) If he has committed acts harmful to the interests of the State.

Can Cameroonian have dual citizenship?

Cameroon doesn’t recognise dual nationality in adults. If you have acquired British citizenship but previously held Cameroon citizenship, or as an adult still hold a Cameroon passport, you should not attempt to enter Cameroon on your Cameroonian passport because this is against the law.

Why is the law of Cameroon against dual citizenship?

Specifically, Article 31(a) of the law stipulates that a Cameroonian of age of majority (21 years old who acquires or voluntarily keeps a foreign nationality, is subject to the loss of Cameroonian nationality. Therefore, dual citizenship is neither recognised nor allowed in Cameroon.

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How is nationality acquired and lost?

According to the Citizenship Act 1951, one method of acquiring Bangladeshi nationality is via jus sanguinis (Citizenship by right of blood). This means one may acquire citizenship regardless of whether they were born on Bangladeshi sovereign territory or not.

How can one acquire citizenship in Cameroon?

Cameroon citizenship is defined by Law No. 1968-LF-3 as solely nationality. It provides as sources of citizenship: birth, marriage and naturalisation. In case of children, they can access citizenship by descent, birth or naturalisation.

What language do they speak in Cameroon?

Cameroonians speak mostly French and English, which are foreign but official languages and part of an entrenched separatist conflict that has cost about 3,000 lives since 2017.

Which African country gives citizenship easily?

Mauritius offers the continents most attractive economic citizenship program: with an investment of $500,000 USD in real estate or business you can automatically qualify for permanent residence. Once you have resided in Mauritius for a continuous period of at least two years you can apply for naturalization.

What is the easiest country to get citizenship?

Italy, Ireland, Poland, and Hungary – the easiest through ancestry. These four countries all have generous and flexible approaches to citizenship by descent.

What is the age of marriage in Cameroon?

Under Cameroon law, a girl must be 15 years old to marry and a boy must be 18. However, forced and arranged marriages of girls and boys below these ages is common in northern and rural areas of Cameroon, according to sources consulted by the Resource Information Center.

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What are the 5 ways of acquiring citizenship?

The principal modes of acquisition are:

  • Residence.
  • marriage to a citizen.
  • adoption by a citizen.
  • becoming a surrogate child of a citizen.
  • legitimation (where a person’s parents were not married to each other at the time of the person’s birth)
  • on entering into public or official service in a country.

What nationality is Cameroon?


Republic of Cameroon République du Cameroun (French)
Ethnic groups 31% Cameroon Highlanders 19% Equatorial Bantu 11% Kirdi 10% Fulani 8% Northwestern Bantu 7% Igbo 7% Eastern Nigritic 7% other African <1% non-African
Religion (2018) 70.7% Christianity 24.4% Islam 2.3% Traditional faiths 2.1% No religion 0.5% Others

Who is a child in Cameroon?

Cameroon had chosen to merge the two laws, on children and on the family, into one law, the civil code, which was currently being drafted. This new law would define the child as a person under the age of 18 and would establish the age of marriage at 18 years for both girls and boys.

What are three ways you can lose your citizenship?

Americans may lose their citizenship in three ways:

  • Expatriation, or giving up one’s citizenship by leaving the United States to live in and becoming a citizen of another country.
  • Punishment for a federal crime, such as treason.
  • Fraud in the naturalization process.

Can someone’s citizenship be taken away?

U.S. citizens (or nationals) can never be stripped of their U.S. citizenship (or nationality), with limited exceptions. Also, they can give citizenship up voluntarily.

On what grounds can citizenship be revoked?

In general, a person is subject to revocation of naturalization on this basis if: The naturalized U.S. citizen misrepresented or concealed some fact; The misrepresentation or concealment was willful; The misrepresented or concealed fact or facts were material; and.

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