Your question: What are two antonyms for refugee?

What are antonyms for refugee?

Opposite of a person who moves from place to place. farmer. homesteader. settler. smallholder.

What is the synonym and antonym of refuge?

refuge. Antonyms: exposure, inhospitableness, peril, pitfall, snare, scylla, charybdis. Synonyms: protection, shelter, harbor, asylum, retreat, covert, hospitality, sanctuary, hiding-place.

What’s another term for refugee?

Refugee Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for refugee?

exile outcast
emigrant pariah
outlaw foreigner
alien outlander
migrant asylum seeker

What is the antonyms of asylum?

What is the opposite of asylum?

danger peril
distress precariousness
exposure risk
threat vulnerability
insecurity hazard

What is the antonym of persecution?

What is the opposite of persecution?

assuagement appeasement
easement mollification
relief conciliation
respite mitigation
pacification alleviation

What is the meaning escapee?

Definition of escapee

: one that has escaped especially : an escaped prisoner.

What are antonyms for sanctuary?

antonyms for give sanctuary

  • abandon.
  • destroy.
  • endanger.
  • give up.
  • harm.
  • hurt.
  • ignore.
  • injure.

What is the synonym and antonym of solitary?

unfrequented, lonesome, solitary(a), lonely(a), nongregarious, lonely, nonsocial, alone(p), sole(a), only(a), lone(a), lonesome(a) Antonyms: inhabited, social, multiple, accompanied, gregarious.

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What is the antonym of inquire?

What is the opposite of inquire?

ignore disregard
pay no mind to skip
forget avoid
bypass overpass
slight shun

Which is the closest antonym for the word displaced?

antonyms for displace

  • admit.
  • take in.
  • welcome.
  • find.
  • hold.
  • keep.
  • order.
  • remain.

What is an antonym for distraught?

Opposite of deeply hurt, saddened, or worried. collected. composed. recollected. self-collected.

How many refugees are in the world?

Data on some 4.3 million stateless people residing in 93 countries was reported at mid-2021. The true global figure is estimated to be significantly higher. 73 per cent of refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad lived in countries neighbouring their countries of origin.

What is the antonym of camaraderie?

Opposite of close friendship in a group of friends or teammates. dislike. enmity. gloom. hate.

What are some antonyms for camaraderie?

antonyms for camaraderie

  • gloom.
  • bad blood.
  • dislike.
  • hate.

What is an antonym for atone?

əˈtoʊn) Turn away from sin or do penitence. Antonyms. unbalance incorrectness. repent.