Frequent question: Can I have Indian and Nepali citizenship?

Can an Indian get Nepali citizenship?

Any foreign national of full age and capacity may submit an application to obtain Nepali citizenship if: He/she can speak and write in the national language of Nepal. … He/she has relinquished his/her citizenship of another state. He/she has resided in Nepal for at least 15 years.

Does Nepal allow dual citizenship?

No, Nepal does not allow its citizens to hold dual nationality. But the current constitution has a provision of Non Resident Nepali citizenship of nationals of other countries. A person having a NRN citizenship enjoy economic, social and cultural rights.

Does Indian can have dual citizenship?

The Constitution of India does not permit dual citizenship (under article 9 of The Indian Constitution) in India. … The OCI card (the blue booklet) in conjunction with a valid foreign passport is sufficient to travel to and from India.

Can I marry a Nepali girl?

As per the new rule, any Indian girl marrying a Nepalese citizen will now get citizenship after a period of seven years. While making the announcement, Ram Bahadur Thapa cited India’s laws which allow for citizenship to be given only after seven years have passed since the wedding.

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Will Indian SIM work in Nepal?

Does an Indian sim work in Nepal? Something frequently asked is if Indian sim cards work in Nepal. Yes, they work, but only if you activate data roaming! You can’t use your Indian data bundles and calling minutes in Nepal, you will have to pay extra charges.

Can Indian purchase property in Nepal?

Though Indian nationals enjoy visa free stay in Nepal, can buy property without any hindrance and enjoy other regular facilities like Nepali citizens, there are a few cases of Indian nationals being harassed or being targetted by political or non-political biasness.

Can Indian get married in Nepal?

* MARRIAGE REGISTRATION WILL BE CONSIDERED ONLY FOR MARRIAGES PERFORMED IN NEPAL. 1) One recent passport sized photograph. 2) Recommendation Letter issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal for Nepalese Nationals. 3) If attestation is for the Indian National, we require proof of Indian nationality.

Can foreigner buy land in Nepal?

You can get 100% property rights as long as you are the owner of the business entity you launched in the nation. Thus, foreigners can buy property in Nepal if they are registered businesspeople or entrepreneurs with a business venture in Nepal.

Can I become Indian citizen again?

India does not grant dual citizenship. … In our experience, Indian citizens who have given up their Indian nationality and chosen a foreign citizenship, usually choose to apply for an OCI registration and, generally, do not reclaim their Indian citizenship.

Can I hold 2 passports?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship.

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Can Indian hold two passports?

As per the law in India, it is not allowed to hold two citizenships at the same time. It is being allowed in some other countries like the United States, but to hold two passports are not allowed under Indian Law.

Do Nepalese need passport for India?

No compulsion of passport for indians in nepal..but do carry you passport along with you.. because you need to get exit stamp on you passport at immigration while heading towards kathmandu by air.. If you traveling by road like from sonauli or raxhaul then no need..

Can a brother and a sister marry?

Siblings cannot marry in the United States

Many states outlaw sexual relationships between siblings and between parents and their children, and no state allows siblings to marry. … As for the supposed Supreme Court ruling in favour of a brother and sister called James and Victoria Banes, it never took place.

Does Nepal have arranged marriages?

Throughout Nepal most marriages are arranged by the Parents of the couple, though with varying degrees of involvement and control. Among high-caste Hindus, marriages have typically been arranged wholly through the decisions of the couples’ families.