What is another animal land sea or air that migrates?

Do any land animals migrate?

Many animal species migrate, including species of fish, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and mammals. These animals might journey by land, sea, or air to reach their destination, often crossing vast distances and in large numbers.

What is another animal that migrates?

Gray Whale – It was tracked as it traveled almost 14,000 miles. Salmon – The Most Athletic Migration. Humpback Whales – Will travel nearly 10,000 miles while fasting. Wildebeest – At least 1.5 to 2 million animals congregate and travel up to 1,000 miles per year.

What are 6 animals that migrate?

The following are some of the animals that migrate.

  • Monarch butterfly. …
  • Blue whale. …
  • Sandhill crane. …
  • Humpback whale. …
  • Wildebeest. …
  • Gray Whale. …
  • Hummingbird. …
  • Canada goose.

What is one air animal that migrates?

Migrations in the air

Arctic terns – Arctic terns make the longest migration of any animal in the world. Every six months they travel from the northern Arctic all the way across the planet to Antarctica. Then back again six months later. The roundtrip distance is close to 50,000 miles!

What is migration name two migratory animals?

Familiar migrants include many birds; hoofed animals, especially in East Africa and in the Arctic tundra; bats; whales and porpoises; seals; and fishes, such as salmon.

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Why do animals migrate name 3 animals that migrate?

Animal migration is the large-scale movement of a species from one place to another. Most species migrate during specific seasons, in search of food or water, or for mating reasons.

Do penguins migrate?

These majestic penguins travel every year to reach preprogrammed, inland spots for nesting. Migration, such as this penguin ritual, allows animals to move from place to place to meet survival needs. Like the migration of birds who fly south for the winter, Emperor penguins migrate every year.

Do bats hibernate or migrate?

When cold weather drives insects away, bats must choose to hunker down and hibernate or migrate to warmer areas with more abundant food supply. Some bat species hibernate, some migrate, and some do both. And in temperate climates, like Florida, bats may be able to stay year round.

Do deers migrate?

But yes, in Western states some herds of both whitetails and mule do deer migrate. … Thousands of deer migrate 150 miles from winter range in Wyoming’s Red Desert to summer range in the mountains. This 300-mile round-trip journey is the greatest large mammal migration in the continuous United States.