Your question: What is a migrant recruiter?

Conducts surveys, events, and presentations to recruit and identify eligible migrant students both in school and out of school. Uses the recruitment calendar as well as knowledge about local agricultural conditions to plan and implement recruitment activities.

What does a migrant tutor do?

Assist migrant students in the development of their academic skills. 2. Assist students in meeting academic content standards for their grade level. … Provide instructional tutoring in the home of the students identified.

What is migrant liaison?

The Migrant Liaison was established for the purpose/s of supporting the educational process by providing a. link between school and district personnel, community agencies and parents in the delivery of supportive. services to students. This job is under the direction of the Migrant Coordinator.

What is a migrant advocate?

JOB DESCRIPTION: This employee is responsible for all facets of program implementation to include program participants, providing advocacy in the area of academic monitoring, career and vocational assistance and assisting with personal and social needs.

What is a migrant coordinator?

The Migrant Services Coordinator (MSC) will maintain files, records and state-mandated reports related to migrant students. The MSC will assist with state and federal requirements. … year-round basis, including activities such as surveying the area, periodic survey of students, and establishing communication networks.

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How do you qualify for migrant education?

The eligibility period is three years from the date of the last move. Eligibility is established through an interview conducted by a Migrant Education recruiter who visits both home and employment locations where migrant workers are employed.

Who qualifies for Migrant Education Program?

In order to qualify for services, children must have moved within the past three years, across state or school district lines with or to join a migrant parent or guardian who is seeking to obtain qualifying temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture, fishing, or dairy.

What is Migrant Education Program?

The goal of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that all migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a HSED) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.

What is a migrant student?

In this study, a migrant student is defined as a person below 21 years of age and without a high school diploma who is, or whose parent, spouse, or guardian is, a migratory agricultural worker (including a migratory dairy worker or fisher), and who has changed school districts in the preceding years in order to (a) …

What is a migrant student advocate?

Migrant Student Advocates

Identify the barriers including educational disruption, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, various health-related problems, or other factors that inhibit the ability of selected migrant students to meet state academic and achievement standards.